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First to respond, last to seek help. First responders are always in the middle of tense situations, putting the necessities of others before their own, all while putting up a robust and fearless front. Keeping a calm expression, however, is exhausting. Appearing unfazed doesn’t mean that the stresses of the situation have in any way dissipated. These overall wellness programs cater directly to the pressures that first responders experience while on the front lines of calamity. As such, they provide support for both mental health wellbeing as well as substance abuse that can coincide with them as a coping mechanism. Each program is personalized for the needs of each individual, providing support from intake and detox onward. Inpatient or residential treatment includes comprehensive detox options to offer a supportive environment. Moving forward, first responders have access to intensive outpatient and online services. Even after returning home and going back to work, there is support each step of the way. Family programs are also available. These programs allow loved ones to be involved and informed about the trials that each family member may face. They will learn how to overcome mental health and addiction issues as a unified, supportive unit on the home front. It is usually other people asking for help from first responders, requesting their bravery and skills, but everyone is human. These programs are designed to provide the skills needed in recovery for each first responder to combat their own personal demons. Additionally, they offer a safe environment while clients are finally able to let down that strong front.

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First responders spend their entire careers helping others. They’re the first on the scene and often place their own safety on the line to provide assistance, support and medical care when people need it most. They’re the real-life heroes who perform an essential duty in the aftermath of crime, accident,...

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Inpatient / Residential

Making the decision to seek treatment is difficult, especially for individuals who spend all of their time helping others. The stigma surrounding addiction prevents many from admitting they may have a problem with alcohol, addictive medications or substances fear that it makes them seem weak or inferior. In reality, nothing...

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Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Addiction affects people in different ways and from all walks of life. At First Responder Wellness, we know that this means that those seeking help for alcohol or substance misuse and co-occurring mental health issue often need different types of treatment. While residential care is the most common approach to...

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Online IOP

Over the last few decades, the world has become more connected than ever. New technology, online communication and a wireless culture have changed the way we interact with one another, but the stress and speed of our modern lifestyle has some drawbacks. We wear ourselves thin trying to keep up...

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The brain is programmed to always seek homeostasis – a place of rest and normalcy. For that reason, our mind is always seeking to calm us down when we’re angry or trying to break through sadness and feel joy. This is a particularly difficult trial for a first responder, having...

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Family Program

When an individual is struggling with alcohol, substances, or mental health their friends and family often feel the impact as well. Relationships suffer as lies and secrecy become the norm, and an inability to participate in family activities, casual outings or daily life can cause a rift that’s difficult to...

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First Responder Wellness

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