Three reasons why first responders in addiction recovery should add daily affirmations to their routine

First responder daily affirmations

Daily affirmations are one of the easiest and most accessible wellness routines first responders can add to their self-care regimens while in addiction recovery. 

First responders are constantly on the go, working 10 to 16 hours per day in high-stress environments – they need self-care routines that they can access everywhere they go. 

Recovering from addiction and transitioning back to a busy lifestyle is one of the most difficult experiences to endure. Therefore, we need to equip first responders with the necessary tools to save them from relapsing and spiraling down a dark path.

Here are some daily affirmations you can add to your daily routine: 

  • I am strong, I am powerful
  • Recovery is my priority 
  • My life matters, I am loved
  • I can ask for help
  • I am worthy of my goals
  • It’s okay to take a break
  • I will succeed

Now, if you haven’t been saying affirmations out loud, in your head, writing them down, or displaying them in your home – you really should be, and here’s why. 

Boosts self-confidence

We all need a self-confidence boost, but it can really help a first responder in addiction recovery believe in themselves to continue on their journey towards wellness. 

Anytime you begin to think negatively, say an affirmation out loud; it’ll completely shift your perspective and build a foundation of higher self-worth. Sometimes when we begin using affirmations, we don’t really believe it. But what is amazing is that the more we say these affirmations, the more we start to not only believe them but become them as well.

Calms nerves and anxiety

Whenever you’re feeling anxious, whether at home, work, or out in public – affirmations can help ground you, bringing you back to the present. 

Sometimes we work ourselves up, stressing out over things that haven’t happened yet, causing anxiousness and anxiety – often felt by first responders worrying about relapse. 

The moment you begin to feel anxiousness or anxiety, say an affirmation for about three minutes and notice how it takes your mind off of your worries. 

Promotes grounding

First responders have a lot to worry about, including saving and protecting lives, caring for their families, and then throwing in treatment for addiction and recovery – it’s a lot to handle. 

A mistake many of us make is living in the future, worrying about what could happen, and not living in the now. Daily affirmations are a great way to promote grounding, helping us see all that we have in front of us and all that we’re thankful for.

Sure, times are tough, but there are still things that we’re grateful for. Affirmations can bring you clarity and help you understand why it’s important to stay on the journey towards wellness. 

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