Discover the mental health benefits of reading

What are the mental health benefits of reading

Sitting down with a good book is a pastime that far too often tends to fade away when our lives get busy and take a more complex route. 

There are so many great benefits reading has on mental health, including reduced stress, assisting with relaxation, builds up the brain, strengthens the ability to empathize, reduces symptoms of dementia, and so much more. 

Many people do not read because they simply do not have the time, and that is understandable. But, what if I told you this – you do not need to read for a long period of time or hours on end to gather the benefits that reading has on the mind. 

Even giving yourself three to 10 minutes per day to read, where you can let go of the focus on your life and step into a world where your mind is solely focused on the words printed across the paper of the book you’re reading, can help you find relief and peace during that short period of time; it is worth it. 

“Studies have shown that reading as little as 6 minutes per day can improve your quality of sleep, reduce stress, and sharpen mental acuity. Reading strengthens the neural circuits and pathways of our brain while lowering heart rate and blood pressure.”

Step Up for Mental Health

If you’re a person who doesn’t have a ton of time for reading, we highly recommend reading brief meditation books, where you can read a one-page passage per day, which may take anywhere between one and five minutes to complete. 

We believe reading can positively impact your life, so here is a meditation book we recommend just for you. 

The Daily Stoic

The Daily Stoic is a #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller written by Ryan Holiday to help us become more resilient, happier, virtuous, and wise. 

Now you may be thinking, what is stoicism? In short, stoicism is a branch of philosophy founded by Zeno in 3rd Century BC, which teaches the development of self-control and provides wisdom on becoming a clear and unbiased thinker. 

Inside The Daily Stoic, you’ll receive 366 meditations on wisdom, perseverance, and the art of living. All scriptures are between a half-page or one full page and have the power to give you a new perspective on life, encouraging you to be the best versions of yourself while letting go and being free of stress. 

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