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First Responder Fellowship Support Groups

We’ve compiled a list of trusted resources for you and your family to browse. These support groups can help you and your family navigate the challenges you might encounter and feel prepared for every aspect of the recovery and wellness journey. From your first day of treatment to your last, our goal at First Responder Wellness is to help make the process easier so you can focus on what matters most — healing to rebuild a better life for you and your loved ones.

Click on the button below to download/print the resource group flyer.

Rich 909.770.3069 

Steve B. 858.337.9771

Mike K. 760.224.6631

Chadwick 208.329.3144

Brandon 719.237.8166

Steve 757.449.0738

Tricia 253.753.4459

Chadwick 208.329.3144

A confidential and safe place for significant others of first responders (spouses, partners, and family members) to find support, share experiences and process the unique dynamics and trauma first responder families face.

Patti C. 858.663.3089