Substance Abuse

Always being called to emergency situations, first responders are exposed to some harrowing scenes that showcase the darker side of our society. While some may seek medications for their anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress injury others may turn to alcohol to cope with the violent or disturbing memories they acquire over the years. Over time, these can all lead to addiction and dependency. Usage increases with each new scene, and memory of destruction or loss and substances seem to be an easy, accessible form of escape from whatever may be haunting. These programs for first responders deal specifically with the needs and reasons for each person’s addiction. The goal is to work towards treating each patients underlying issues which cause them to self medicate with alcohol or other substances. Services include treatment for controlled substance addictions, i.e., schedule 1 – 5 drugs, prescription drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and dual diagnoses. First responders commonly suffer from co-occurring mental health disorders such as post traumatic stress and alcohol abuse. Still, there is a path laid forth for anyone ready to take it. These recovery programs include both individual and group therapy, along with stress management, to approach addiction holistically. By educating each person about their environment, these programs instill the skills needed for a sober life ahead. At the same time, clients learn new, healthy coping skills to help process the memories and scenes that first responders face daily.

More About Substance Abuse

Controlled Substance Abuse

People use controlled substances for many reasons, whether it’s to relax or unwind after a long day or simply escape from reality. Among first responders, some turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the stress and trauma they experience on the job, but this can quickly lead to addiction...

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Prescription Drug Abuse

If you open your medicine cabinet, you might be surprised to find that it contains some of the world’s deadliest and most addictive drugs. As a first responder, you may have been prescribed some of these drugs to treat an injury, reduce anxiety or help you sleep at night without...

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In the United States, alcohol and substance use are on the rise, with more people seeking treatment for addiction each year. Although many don’t realize it, those with alcohol and substance use issues often face mental health challenges as well, from depression and anxiety to post traumatic stress disorder. Known...

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Alcohol Abuse

As a first responder, you’re exposed to stressful, disturbing, and harrowing situations on a regular basis. As the events, memories and reminders pile up over the years, it can become difficult to keep all of this trauma locked away and alcohol may become an escape that helps you numb or...

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