Mental Wellness

Nothing about being on the front lines is easy. While these real-life heroes are always ready to tackle any situation in front of them, each event creates new obstacles that scar the body and mind. Anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder are all common in first responders, due to the different trials and harrowing experiences of the profession. These mental health programs are all designed around the needs and experiences of first responders. The goal is to develop healthy coping mechanisms when faced with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress injuries. These programs use an individualized approach to therapy while coupling mental health and trauma services, to address not just the mental health needs but also the roots of the problem. To recover, first responders must address things like intrusive and negative thoughts or feelings of avoidance. Each program is designed to begin the healing process and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Feelings of guilt and shame are common when leaving the scene of a disaster. These programs are ready to help cope with those feelings and process them in the healthiest way possible. At the same time, first responders learn to handle their issues with alcohol or drugs due to these feelings. Programs are always individualized to accommodate the particular goals of the individual. Meditation and holistic approaches create a continuum of care, all in support of a healthy, happy reintegration.

More About Mental Wellness

Post Traumatic Stress

At First Responder Wellness we have renamed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as “Post Traumatic Stress Injury.” For First Responders, the thought of having a “disorder” can feel like a weakness and is often unrelatable. First responders are accustomed to sustaining injuries, and most injuries can heal. Post-Traumatic Stress is a...

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On an average day, most of us worry about all kinds of things. Will I be late to work? Am I eating healthy enough? Did I leave the stove on? This is a typical part of daily life, but if you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you may find yourself...

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Feeling down or sad is a normal part of life, but when the bad days begin to pile up and you have trouble remembering the last time you felt truly happy, there might be something more serious going on. If you have a persistently low mood that you can’t seem...

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