Looking to set new intentions and clear negative energy at the same time? Here’s one way.

Palo Santo

As we’ve just entered 2022, you still have time to set intentions for the new year; this is important for first responders. While you’re doing that, why not clear negative energy and elevate your wellness simultaneously?

One natural remedy we recommend, where you can knock out old energy and set intentions for the new year, is using the Palo Santo tree.

This “holy wood” is found in dry, tropical forests, like Peru, Ecuador, and South American Countries. It’s used worldwide to holistically treat stress, pain, and is also believed to clear negative energy. 

“Palo santo is a traditional remedy for pain, inflammation, and stress. It’s also used to clear out negative energy. You can burn palo santo as incense or apply the oil to your skin. Always buy from a reputable retailer to make sure your palo santo is responsibly sourced.”


Palo Santo wood is a cost-efficient way to garner wellness benefits, as the wood is burned as incense. 

You have the option of choosing how often you cleanse your home; you can do it every day as part of your wellness routine or just whenever you feel your living space needs a cleansing. 

Here are the wellness benefits and a guide on using Palo Santo in your home. 

Benefits of Palo Santo

For centuries, the branches of the Palo Santo tree have been used by indigenous communities across South America, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru. It is widely used because it contains properties that reduce stress and inflammation.

Some of its benefits include: 

  • Easing stress
  • Can clear negative energy
  • Stimulating a relaxation response
  • Contains anti-inflammatory benefits

These benefits are attributed to the scent of Palo Santo. The scent alone triggers the brain’s olfactory system, which stimulates a relaxation response. It also contains d-limonene and antioxidants, which produce its anti-inflammatory benefits

How to use Palo Santo

While you can purchase Palo Santo essential oils at many health stores and retailers, we’re going to focus on how to use its wood, burned as incense. 

The biggest point to remember is that there’s no wrong way to burn Palo Santo, simply set your intentions and move it around the perimeter of each room in your home. 

Here’s a guide to help get you started:

  • Light the stick of Palo Santo with a lighter
  • Hold the stick downward, at a 45-degree angle
  • Let the stick burn for about 30 seconds
  • Blow it out
  • Silently set your intentions
  • Place the stick in a heatproof dish and let it burn
  • Or you can walk around the perimeter of your home, into each room, while holding the stick

Burning Palo Santo is a great way to prepare both your mind and energy before meditation or, as we said, whenever you feel your space and life need a cleansing. 

Click here to learn more about the benefits and uses of Palo Santo. 

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