Chris Logan

First Responder Wellness Program Specialist, CADC-II, ICADC

Chris joined the Simple Recovery team in 2014, and is currently a First Responder program specialist, a position that focuses exclusively on First Responder education, counseling interventions, and facilitating the First Responder Family Program. Chris has worked with adolescents, adults, military veterans, first responders and families and held positions as a case manager, counselor, crisis interventionist, and program supervisor.

After battling his own alcoholism and addiction for over 15 years, Chris became sober in February 2006. Seeing the benefits of his own recovery and new outlook on life, he began helping others find themselves and see there is truly a better way to live life.

Since entering the field of addiction counseling in 2008, Chris furthered his education as a certified drug and alcohol counselor and has become an invaluable addition treatment professional.