Four tips that can help first responders get better sleep

First responders are some of the world's most sleep deprived employees

First responders are among the world’s most sleep-deprived professionals due to constantly working 12-16 hour shifts, dealing with work/life stresses, and often post-traumatic stress. Here’s four tips on how to get better sleep!

Police officers can help prevent trauma from becoming PTSI with these tips

How police can prevent ptsi

Did you know 30 percent of first responders develop mental health conditions, such as Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI), which is 10 percent higher than the general population? More specifically, in May of 2018, the Department of Justice reported that an estimated 15 percent of police officers were suffering from PTSI.  Responding to critical incidents […]

Learn the difference between high anxiety and an adrenaline rush

Difference between high anxiety and adrenaline

Often it’s difficult for an individual to tell the difference between high anxiety and an adrenaline rush. Both conditions cross intersect in terms of emotions and feelings experienced but are completely different.  As a first responder, you’re likely familiar with experiencing exhaustion, along with surges of high energy. No matter how tired you are, when […]

Discover the mental health benefits of reading

What are the mental health benefits of reading

Sitting down with a good book is a pastime that far too often tends to fade away when our lives get busy and take a more complex route.  There are so many great benefits reading has on mental health, including reduced stress, assisting with relaxation, builds up the brain, strengthens the ability to empathize, reduces […]

Navigate through compassion fatigue with these coping mechanisms

First responders compassion fatigue

Did you know compassion fatigue is real? Well, it is, and it negatively impacts millions of first responders every year.  Although this detriment is not typically life-threatening, it can be quite debilitating, just like any other mental health implication.  Constantly being inserted into the line of duty, you are prone to exhaust compassion every single […]