firefighter wellness
Oct 11 2020

As Fire Season Gets Longer, First Responders Face Prolonged Exposure to Trauma

In many parts of the world — including the West Coast of the United States — climate conditions have been causing longer and more intense fire seasons. First responders are faced with longer periods of battling wildfires and assisting those in evacuation. Extreme heat, smoke inhalation, and witnessing the widespread destruction of wildfires can all…

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Coping Mechanisms for First Responders
Nov 10 2020

International Stress Awareness Week: How Can I Identify Hidden Stress?

What are some common signs that you or a loved one may be experiencing stress? How do you know when these levels of stress are becoming harmful? In honor of International Stress Week—November 2nd through the 6th—taking time to identify hidden stress in yourself and others can lead to better mental health and well-being all…

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reducing work stress
Apr 29 2020

Ways to Reduce Work Stress

Everyone who works deals with some amount of work-related stress, since any type of job will have some stressful elements. Even if you love your job, work stress may occur. Short-term stress related to work may be due to a deadline or a challenging task. However, chronic and long-term work stress can lead to physical,…

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