family members and temptation
Oct 10 2020

When Temptation Is Near, Think of Your Loved Ones

Making it through a full year of recovery can be a testament to one’s willpower and dedication. Still, there will be times when addiction challenges even the most seasoned alumni. Stressful situations at work or at home can fuel anxiety and trigger the desire to self-medicate with alcohol and/or substances.  First responders who have graduated…

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relapse in recovery
Oct 24 2020

How Should First Responders in Recovery Respond to Relapse?

The first few months of sobriety can lead those in recovery to feel a swell of optimism for their future — and rightfully so, as taking those first steps represents vast emotional growth. To the newborn recovery program alumni, using alcohol and/or substances may feel like a thing of the past. Seasoned individuals dealing with…

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pink cloud of recovery
Dec 22 2019

Understanding the Pink Cloud of Recovery

While every individual is different, many people begin to abuse substances as a result of trauma, poor mental health, or unfortunate life circumstances.  As addiction progresses, life becomes more difficult, stress and sadness become the norm, and joy seems to disappear entirely. Much of the suffering caused by addiction is a result of feeling of…

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how to identify triggers
Dec 12 2019

Identifying and Coping with Triggers in Recovery

Addiction is a physical disease, but it also involves many complex psychological factors.  These factors are a large part of the reason addiction is so hard to overcome, and psychological work is usually necessary to achieve lasting recovery.  During and after treatment for addiction, individuals with substance use disorders need to identify emotional and physical…

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