Nov 19 2019

Exercise in Recovery: When, Why, and How

We all know that exercise is good for us. Staying physically active helps maintain a healthy weight, increases circulation, prevents a wide array of diseases, and improves mental health. Exercise is also a powerful tool for fighting addiction. Many people who undergo treatment for a substance use disorder will be encouraged to establish a regular…

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addiction recovery
Dec 24 2019

5 Factors that Contribute to Poor Heart Health in First Responders

First responders, especially police officers and firefighters, have some of the highest rates of heart-related health issues including heart disease and sudden cardiac arrest.  The average age of a police officer who has suffered a heart attack is 49 years, while the average for the general population is 67 years. Similarly, nearly half of firefighter…

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foods for anxiety
Dec 27 2019

6 Foods that May Help Manage Anxiety

Most people experience anxiety at some point in their life or during very stressful situations, but for some individuals, chronic anxiety can be a symptom of a mental health disorder that disrupts their ability to function in everyday life.  Anxiety can cause psychological symptoms such as constant worrying, fear, and paranoia, as well as physical…

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alcohol abuse
Dec 30 2019

4 Ways Alcohol Abuse Affects Work Performance

We all know that drinking on the job is frowned upon, and in some cases, illegal.  Alcohol abuse during off hours, however, can also have a detrimental affect on work performance in several ways.  Some people with alcohol use disorder believe they can remain high functioning as long as they don’t mix work and drinking,…

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sober living
Dec 19 2019

How Does Sleep Deprivation Affect Mental Health?

For most people, even a small amount of sleep loss can have a huge impact on their mood and ability to focus throughout the day.  Some people, however, are subjected to more significant sleep deprivation, whether it be due to the demands of their job or a health condition like insomnia.  Sleep deprivation can present…

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health and wellness
Dec 31 2019

Can Alcohol Affect Fitness Levels?

We are living in the age of physical fitness. Modern science and wellness trends have made staying fit and taking care of your body more popular than ever, and we are now well equipped with information and resources to do so.  However, we are also living in a culture where alcohol use is the norm,…

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