Nov 18 2019

Avoiding Burnout as a First Responder

Burnout is a state of mind characterized by emotional and mental exhaustion. When someone develops burnout in the workplace, they may begin to perform poorly, develop a cynical outlook, and struggle to cope with stress. While burnout can happen in any profession, first responders are especially susceptible due to the intensely stressful nature of their…

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healthy marriage
Nov 26 2019

Maintaining a Healthy Marriage as a First Responder

First responders have some of the most challenging and stressful jobs. Their ability to perform in their role relies heavily on the maintenance of their mental health. For first responders who are married, this means maintaining a functional and supportive relationship with their spouse. Spouses of first responders, however, face many unique obstacles and may…

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Coping Through the Holidays
Nov 28 2020

How Can First Responders Find Balance During the Holidays?

Emergencies do not stop for the holidays, and neither do first responders. As a public safety professional, working through the holidays while trying to maintain your family life, personal health, and social life may feel like juggling more than you can handle. As a result, you may find yourself attending more to one over the…

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