Healthy Eating
Jun 03 2020

Addiction and the Gut: Can Diet Help With Recovery?

Addiction fatigues the human body, debilitating—among other systems—the digestive system. An addicted individual’s gut health frequently experiences stress in unique ways, particularly for first responders, who’s work hours might alter their regular meal routine. Alcohol use presents significant obstacles for the digestive recovery of users who have successfully detoxed. Furthermore, individuals in recovery may be…

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cravings in rehab
Dec 06 2019

4 Ways to Fight Cravings in Recovery

Addiction is a chronic disease, and while it can be managed with the right tools and vigilant self-accountability, cravings can occur frequently in early recovery, and may continue to arise unexpectedly for many years into sobriety.  While having craving can be an unsettling experience and induce fear of relapse, it is perfectly normal, and there…

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