plants helping with stress
Oct 19 2020

Feeling Stressed or Trapped Indoors? Try Nurturing Some Plants

Stay-at-home restrictions have come to define most people’s stories for 2020. COVID-19 has created numerous global health crises, not the least of which impacts underlying mental health conditions. Without an end in sight to social distancing, taking care of plants can provide respite for mounting mental health concerns as well as many other benefits.  First…

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Jan 10 2021

COVID-19, Its Psychological Effects on First Responders, and How to Cope

With the new year comes new hope. However, many people are still dealing with the lasting psychological effects of the pandemic. Various mental health issues can affect the first responder community due to the overwhelming amount of stress accompanying the intensity of their work. Some of these issues may include post-traumatic stress (PTS), depression, sleep…

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