Nov 21 2019

The Mental Health Benefits of Spirituality

Whether you grew up in a religious household or were never exposed to spirituality, everyone must define their own spiritual beliefs for themselves, as adults. In fact, research has found that spiritual practices have tangible value for your mental health. Spirituality is a personal experience, and it is entirely your decision whether to pursue such…

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group therapy
Nov 14 2019

How Does Group Therapy Work?

For those who have never sought mental health or addiction treatment, talk therapy can be intimidating and stressful. This may be especially true when a client is presented with an opportunity to participate in group therapy. Group therapy involves a therapist and a group of individuals discussing how they can improve their lives. In a…

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clapping after a session
Dec 28 2020

Community Involvement in Addiction Recovery

Being involved in a community while going through recovery from addiction is just as significant as the community being involved in helping those in recovery. The purpose of community is to bring people together in advocacy and support of each other to overcome challenges. Enjoying each other’s company also provides a sense of belonging, connection,…

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Giving Back to the Recovery Community
Jan 15 2020

Giving Back to the Recovery Community

Addiction recovery can represent both the most challenging and most rewarding time in a person’s life. Going through the ups and downs of addiction and coming out on the other side is a valuable experience. You’ll gain a renewed sense of purpose and the best mental health you have experienced in years. Recovery can even…

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