Sep 10 2020

How Can First Responders Manage Their Mental Health During Fire Season?

With dry conditions, temperatures over 90ºF, and erratic winds, fire season is in full swing through the American Southwest. As the scale of late summer firestorms has grown larger in recent years, so has the responsibility of firefighters and emergency service workers. As a community, every resident of high-risk wildfire regions can contribute to either…

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high anxiety
Oct 10 2020

Are You Experiencing High Anxiety or an Adrenaline Rush?

If you work as an EMT, firefighter, or law enforcement officer, you are likely familiar with lulls and surges of high energy. No matter how tired they are, when the call comes in to respond to an emergency, these workers find a way to get up and rush out the door. The urgency to show…

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foods for anxiety
Dec 27 2019

6 Foods that May Help Manage Anxiety

Most people experience anxiety at some point in their life or during very stressful situations, but for some individuals, chronic anxiety can be a symptom of a mental health disorder that disrupts their ability to function in everyday life.  Anxiety can cause psychological symptoms such as constant worrying, fear, and paranoia, as well as physical…

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Dec 16 2019

What is Depersonalization?

An anxiety or panic attack can be a frightening and surreal experience, and the exact symptoms tend to vary between individuals, and even between episodes.  One of the most common but most difficult to explain symptoms of a panic attack is depersonalization, also sometimes referred to as derealization. While the experience is slightly different for…

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How Can Grounding Be Used to Manage Anxiety?
Apr 08 2020

How Can Grounding Be Used to Manage Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are the most common kind of mental health issue in the US and they overlap significantly with substance use disorders. The National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions surveyed more than 43,000 people and found that nearly 18 percent of respondents who struggled with a substance use disorder in the past year…

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Jun 23 2020

Feeling Anxious? Breathe

It’s late at night, and, after getting ready for bed, the moment arrives when you should drift off to sleep. You’ve been tired all day. Earlier, you couldn’t wait to get some shut-eye when you were working. So why is sleep suddenly unattainable? There are many reasons our brains do this. Anxiety ripples through the…

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recovery from addiction
Dec 11 2019

What’s the Difference Between an Anxiety Attack and a Panic Attack?

The terms “anxiety attack” and “panic attack” are often used interchangeably, but in reality, these are two different events that may mean different things for your mental health.  Both anxiety and panic are responses of the sympathetic nervous system to a perceived threat, and are often described as the flight-or-fight response. While there are many…

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