high anxiety
Oct 10 2020

Are You Experiencing High Anxiety or an Adrenaline Rush?

If you work as an EMT, firefighter, or law enforcement officer, you are likely familiar with lulls and surges of high energy. No matter how tired they are, when the call comes in to respond to an emergency, these workers find a way to get up and rush out the door. The urgency to show…

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health and wellness
Dec 31 2019

Can Alcohol Affect Fitness Levels?

We are living in the age of physical fitness. Modern science and wellness trends have made staying fit and taking care of your body more popular than ever, and we are now well equipped with information and resources to do so.  However, we are also living in a culture where alcohol use is the norm,…

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addiction recovery
Dec 04 2019

First Responders and Alcohol Abuse

The work of first responders like police officers, firefighters, and EMTs is both demanding and rewarding. These individuals may have been drawn to their career out of a desire to be of service and practice compassion, but over time the constant exposure to pain, violence, and loss can take a toll on the human psyche.…

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