Jun 24 2020

How To Help Someone Recovering in Times of Crisis

Those in recovery know how difficult managing relapse can be. The triggers can lie dormant for long stretches of time before suddenly kicking into full force. The pressure to use alcohol and/or substances is enough to send recovering addicts into a full-blown crisis. If there is someone in your life struggling with relapse, there are…

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Jun 23 2020

Feeling Anxious? Breathe

It’s late at night, and, after getting ready for bed, the moment arrives when you should drift off to sleep. You’ve been tired all day. Earlier, you couldn’t wait to get some shut-eye when you were working. So why is sleep suddenly unattainable? There are many reasons our brains do this. Anxiety ripples through the…

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Performing Art
Jun 23 2020

Empowering Recovery Through Performance Art

The power of art has been proven to benefit Alzheimer’s patients, trauma survivors, and those in addiction recovery. Finding creative avenues to activate expressive communication is essential to developing truth and empathy in times of healing. While there are countless benefits to many different forms of art, performance-based art forms can provide especially helpful therapy.…

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Jun 19 2020

First Responders and Toxic Suffering

First responders in recovery know that juggling alcohol and/or substance use disorder with their jobs presents numerous challenges, and far from the least of them is the work culture of public servants. The attitude of headstrong determination, although effective for driving professional results, takes a toll on the mental health of the workers. Suppressing emotions…

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Smoking and Addiction
Jun 10 2020

Addiction’s Smoking Gun: How Tobacco Use Slows Recovery

Cigarettes and addiction recovery: for many, the two go hand-in-hand. After giving up alcohol and/or substance use, many in recovery seek out new stimulants to fill the void. This is completely understandable, but recognizing the risks of high-frequency smoking habits is necessary, especially for anyone in recovery from alcohol and/or substance use disorders. While the…

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Jun 10 2020

Can Fitness Condition Us Against Relapse?

Unfortunately, many jobs in today’s society blend mental exhaustion with physical exhaustion. For first responders in recovery, the end of a long shift means total exhaustion. Their jobs may physically wear them down, but just because first responders end a shift feeling tired doesn’t mean they are experiencing the benefits of a full range of…

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Jun 05 2020

First Responders and Coping Mechanisms

For many, the stresses of daily life lead us to act in ways we might otherwise decide were reckless or irrational. These stressors in our lives might then be redirected towards loved ones, work relationships, and others who have no way of sharing in the unique stress we have freshly experienced. First responders experience amplified…

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Healthy Eating
Jun 03 2020

Addiction and the Gut: Can Diet Help With Recovery?

Addiction fatigues the human body, debilitating—among other systems—the digestive system. An addicted individual’s gut health frequently experiences stress in unique ways, particularly for first responders, who’s work hours might alter their regular meal routine. Alcohol use presents significant obstacles for the digestive recovery of users who have successfully detoxed. Furthermore, individuals in recovery may be…

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driving under the influence
May 28 2020

Strategies to Avoid Driving Under the Influence

Chronic alcohol users reach an inevitable crossroads at one point or another: to drive while impaired, or not to drive at all. The addictive condition includes holding back or suppressing emotions and thinking it’s normal to drink alcohol or use drugs. As our addiction spirals, the number of activities that we engage in while impaired…

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music therapy
May 25 2020

The Benefits of Music Therapy Are Substantial

The benefits of music are as wide-ranging as the artform itself. Ranging from improvements found in childhood development to the benefits for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, the role that music plays for the human brain’s processes is undeniable. Despite barely scratching the surface of the scientific implications of music therapy, the field has already demonstrated…

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