emergency medical team
Dec 15 2020

Strengthening Self-Esteem and Building Confidence in Sobriety

Being able to perform challenging and demanding tasks, as a first responder, requires confidence in oneself and one’s abilities. It can be dangerous going into a risky situation if you are not prepared and self-assured. Moreover, when people are in need, you need to be assured that the person assisting you is confident in their…

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Dec 11 2020

Neurofeedback: Training The Brain to Achieve Homeostasis

As technology progresses, so too does our ability to help others in need. As a first responder, you may have had first-hand experience utilizing a new piece of technology or equipment that has helped you help others. Neurofeedback aims to do just that: help others heal. With advances in brainwave monitoring equipment and computer software,…

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Dec 10 2020

What Is Survivor’s Guilt? How Can First Responders Cope?

Feeling lucky to be alive is an emotion many of us might not associate with guilt. Some may not even realize they are wrestling with it, or they struggle to recognize that the weight they are carrying alongside grief is a sense of guilt. This feeling can manifest itself after someone experiences a loss or…

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Sleep for Mental Health
Nov 30 2020

The Importance of Making Sleep a Priority

As a first responder, you may be used to hearing that you need to get some sleep. Though this might seem like an overused phrase, the sentiment is not. Being on a job that requires extensive mental and physical energy has the potential to wear you out by the end of the day. Therefore, it…

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Police and Coping With Stress
Nov 29 2020

What Mental Health Challenges Are Police Officers Currently Facing?

Police officers have a distinct perspective of society, one which regularly entails seeing the darker sides of life. Even if most days on the job do not involve high-speed chases, being ambushed by armed vigilantes, struggling with those influenced by drug use, or other situations that may be a risk to their lives, it is…

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Coping Through the Holidays
Nov 28 2020

How Can First Responders Find Balance During the Holidays?

Emergencies do not stop for the holidays, and neither do first responders. As a public safety professional, working through the holidays while trying to maintain your family life, personal health, and social life may feel like juggling more than you can handle. As a result, you may find yourself attending more to one over the…

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Stress-Free Home
Nov 22 2020

Creating Environments That Are Conducive to Long-Term Recovery

As humans, we often become creatures of our environment. Certain aspects of our surroundings can shape us in both positive and negative ways. We can be heavily influenced by where we spend our time, who we spend it with, and the activities we take part in. A person’s environment can also shape their relationship with…

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Mental Preparedness
Nov 21 2020

Mental Preparedness and The Benefits of Warrior Mind Training

Some of the most formidable warriors throughout history used meditation techniques before going into battle. Why? They realized the tremendous benefits of preparing the body as well as the mind for intense exertion. When it comes to first responders, whether in the military, law enforcement, firefighting, or EMT, going to work may mean going to…

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Coping Mechanisms for First Responders
Nov 10 2020

International Stress Awareness Week: How Can I Identify Hidden Stress?

What are some common signs that you or a loved one may be experiencing stress? How do you know when these levels of stress are becoming harmful? In honor of International Stress Week—November 2nd through the 6th—taking time to identify hidden stress in yourself and others can lead to better mental health and well-being all…

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