Jan 21 2021

How to Create a Culture of Wellness

Maintaining personal mental health and wellness can be difficult if the environment around a person is not conducive to it. For this reason, it is essential for various first responder agencies and departments to focus on promoting a culture of wellness. A first responder can do everything right on their end to make sure they…

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Jan 20 2021

What Mental Health Concerns Do Women in the Fire Service Face?

Firefighters play a vital role in providing emergency services, rescue services, and fire suppression services. They support communities as a significant public health safety-net. They are among the first to respond to emergencies of all kinds. Along with the rewarding aspects of the job, high levels of stress, and toxic exposures put firefighters at an…

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Jan 11 2021

How Does Compassion Fatigue Affect First Responders?

A first responder’s work can be rewarding, but over time, it can also take its toll on an individual and lead to emotional exhaustion. This exhaustion can result from high emotional involvement, such as working with traumatized individuals in the community without adequate support. The term “compassion fatigue” (CF) was initially defined and researched by…

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Jan 10 2021

COVID-19, Its Psychological Effects on First Responders, and How to Cope

With the new year comes new hope. However, many people are still dealing with the lasting psychological effects of the pandemic. Various mental health issues can affect the first responder community due to the overwhelming amount of stress accompanying the intensity of their work. Some of these issues may include post-traumatic stress (PTS), depression, sleep…

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Dec 30 2020

Creating and Keeping Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

After the flurry and liveliness of holiday festivities comes a time for quiet reflection, as many look back on this past year and prepare for the next. This desire to continue improving oneself as we make our New Year’s resolutions is a healthy intention. It is admirable to make goals for ourselves continually, but when…

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trauma tent
Dec 29 2020

Feeling Emotionally Drained? Here’s What You Can Do.

When we are entirely focused on an important task at hand, in order to get it done effectively and efficiently, there is often little room for addressing our emotions. At the scene of an accident, first responders are expected to push aside their feelings immediately and provide both physical and emotional support to those in…

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clapping after a session
Dec 28 2020

Community Involvement in Addiction Recovery

Being involved in a community while going through recovery from addiction is just as significant as the community being involved in helping those in recovery. The purpose of community is to bring people together in advocacy and support of each other to overcome challenges. Enjoying each other’s company also provides a sense of belonging, connection,…

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Paramedic team
Dec 21 2020

Navigating the Dangerous Winter Months

Winter weather almost always brings about dangerous conditions. Most of us may have the choice to avoid hazardous highways and stay inside during bad weather. The same is not always true for first responders who are often attending to emergencies on the most treacherous roads or fighting fires caused by home heating elements as the…

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Young female EMS
Dec 20 2020

How Does The Body Remember Trauma?

Re-experiencing past trauma as physical symptoms that manifest in the body can be alarming. When someone experiences physical symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTS), the body does not remember the event as something in the past. These symptoms can intrude visual, auditory, and other bodily functions causing the body and mind to feel as though they…

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