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First Responder Wellness by Simple Recovery understands the need to treat sensitive issues in a setting that is conducive to creating and holding trust and confidentiality. Our programs exclusively treat First Responders, so from the moment treatment begins, our patients know they are with others who have lived and experienced the same life.

Our professional treatment team is composed of culturally competent clinicians who have extensive experience working with First Responders and their families. Some have even been first responders earlier in their careers, while others come from first responder and military family backgrounds.

It’s about the Trauma:
Using alcohol and other substances as a means of coping with post-traumatic stress is common. Sometimes this turns into addiction. Our program effectively treats both addiction and mental health.

First responders put themselves on the front lines of responding to crises and emergencies every day. Dealing with stress and trauma is a part of the job. Unfortunately, repeated exposure to highly stressful and traumatic situations is known to impact mental health and wellbeing in a myriad of ways. While the average civilian can experience a few traumatic events in their lifetime, first responders become accustomed to acute trauma, causing both physical and emotional exhaustion of the body and mind.

First Responder Wellness provides trauma-based substance abuse and mental health treatment designed by our experienced, culturally competent team. Our comprehensive curriculum integrates substance abuse treatment with post- traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression treatment, as well as incorporating family systems support. Our program was designed to help patients recover from trauma while increasing their overall well-being. We offer sobriety tools and healthy coping mechanisms to ensure a safe transition back to their careers and personal lives.

I have a personal and professional admiration for the First Responder Wellness Program by Simple. As a daughter of, a wife of, and a former police officer myself, I am well aware of the struggles that go on behind the door of a first responder’s home. It is a culture within a culture that many do not understand. Simple has looked at every small detail of this culture while developing their first responder wellness program. To put it simply, they just get it!

Dr. Shonna Hill
The Counseling Team International

First responders are a group of people with unique experiences that can’t always open up and share their traumas in a “regular” treatment center. The First Responder Wellness Program by Simple has helped many first responders not by just putting a band aid on the problem, but truly getting to the root with their culturally competent team of therapists. I highly recommend First Responder Wellness by Simple to any first responder with a substance abuse or mental health issue.

Lauren Tucker
Alameda County Sheriff’s Office / Peer Support Coordinator

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More Kind Words From Our Partners

I have had the pleasure of seeing firsthand how someone’s life can change while in the care of the professionals and culturally competent staff at the First Responder Wellness Program.

Mark Lima Director of Alumni Affairs, Save a Warrior (SAW)

“I’m back to work. I’m a father to my 3 sons. There was a time when my sons would take care of me. I wasn’t a father. I wasn’t a husband. Through my recovery, I can be all those things.”