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About Us

First Responder Wellness understands the need to treat sensitive issues in a setting that is conducive to creating and holding trust and confidentiality. Our programs exclusively treat First Responders, so from the moment treatment begins, our patients know they are with others who have lived and experienced the same life.

First Responder Wellness provides trauma-based substance abuse and mental health treatment designed by our experienced, culturally competent team. Our comprehensive curriculum integrates substance abuse treatment with post- traumatic stress, anxiety, and depression treatment, as well as incorporating family systems support. Our program was designed to help patients recover from trauma while increasing their overall well-being. We offer sobriety tools and healthy coping mechanisms to ensure a safe transition back to their careers and personal lives.

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What People Are Saying

“I have a personal and professional admiration for the First Responder Wellness Program. As a daughter of, a wife of, and a former police officer myself, I am well aware of the struggles that go on behind the door of a first responder’s home. It is a culture within a culture that many do not understand. First Responder Wellness has looked at every small detail of this culture while developing their first responder wellness program. To put it simply, they just get it!”

Dr. Shonna Hill



First responders are a group of people with unique experiences that can’t always open up and share their traumas in a “regular” treatment center. The First Responder Wellness Program has helped many first responders not by just putting a band aid on the problem, but truly getting to the root with their culturally competent team of therapists. I highly recommend First Responder Wellness to any first responder with a substance abuse or mental health issue.

Lauren Tucker



I have had the pleasure of seeing firsthand how someone’s life can change while in the care of the professionals and culturally competent staff at the First Responder Wellness Program.

Mark Lima



As a 17-yr officer, I spent most of my career in the field in some capacity, experiencing the darker side of humanity. As a single mother, I wasn’t afforded typical avenues to vent or decompress from each day as my primary job was raising two boys. As time went on, I found that drinking was the best way for me to numb and foolishly convince myself I could forget and just move on.  Depression set in, isolation, wine glasses became bottomless and my “cyclical hell” became all too common.  15yrs into my job with my boys graduating high school, I knew that if I didn’t get help, I ultimately didn’t care what happened to me or where I’d end up.   

Just as I was begging for help on my living room floor at 0800 hrs one Monday morning, the universe eventually brought me to the First Responder Wellness program. This is the place that pulled me from that hell. I was held accountable. Counselors showed me that it was okay to acknowledge my internal turmoil by providing a safe environment with other First Responders who experienced the same without judgement and with an abundance of support. The guidance to dig deep in my soul helped bring to the surface those things I tried to suppress. 

I will forever be grateful to every single person, staff or client, whom I encountered there. Although at times it was uncomfortable and scary, First Responder Wellness TRULY gave me my life back and gave me hope of a fantastic future without the need to numb.


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